Here, in the 21st Century, when even the United Nations  must acknowledge the fact that the world is being overpopulated with humans, the God or gods of a much earlier age may not be so good for humanity.

There was a time when humanity was in danger of becoming extinct due to lack of numbers. There was a time when just one plague would have been enough to have wiped out humanity in its entirety. Of course we are no longer at that point in time. We haven’t been at that point, in fact, in quite a few centuries.

At the time the Old Testament was first written there was the possibility that the Jewish faith might come to an end. Numbers had to be kept up to prevent this from happening plus ways of keeping the faith even in captivity.

In the first one hundred years of Christianity it would have been possible to have wiped out the whole of the Christian population in one concentrated swoop. Christians were persecuted and thus their numbers had to be kept up but their wasn’t the sort of concentrated swoop that would have done the job.

In the early years of the Muslim faith there was persecution of Muslims so their numbers had to be kept up if their faith was to survive.

Today none of the religions that either came out of the Bronze Age and/or Iron Age owe some of their understanding of faith to Bronze Age thinking (Christianity may have begun well after the Bronze Age but the Old Testament, a viable part of the overall Bible, comes from that period) are in danger of going extinct from lack of numbers. Even so, there is that message of being fruitful and multiplying.

Today humans throughout the world need to be cautious as to how much they are indeed fruitful and indeed do multiply. The danger today is not in lack of numbers as in the past but in the opposite, too many numbers.


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