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Even today it is hard to believe how badly the world’s media let us down when it came to what was and what was not going on in Iraq before the start up of the Iraqi War. Where were the weapons of mass destruction? There were perhaps more legitimate reasons for taking over Afghanistan.

Much of what passes for news on television is fluff. If a big story breaks it is usually given five minutes or less coverage. If we are luck a show such as A Current Affair or Today Tonight might pick it up and run with it giving further information.

There is sometimes misinformation and one has to wonder just how deliberate this misinformation happens to be. In December in 2011 a show I won’t name on television put across the outrageous notion that Muslims and Jews living in Australia were all for banning Santa Claus. This did not impress the general Christian community. As it turned out, neither the Muslim community nor the Jewish community were in favor of such a ban. It was just a political correctness scam, a bad joke, a beat up for ratings. How much harm it did or could have done to the Muslim and Jewish communities living in Australia we will never know. As for it being news, it was the worst kind of garbage.

News papers and news centers in Australia and elsewhere in the world are cutting back on investigative reporters. This means that more and more information on world events will come from government hand outs. This means we will be relying more and more on the honesty of world governments and also on the honesty of more localized governments. This would be good if we could always rely on their honesty.

But who then speaks for the ordinary bloke on the street when the government is not acting in his best interests? Why should the government, any government remain honest when they have the only voice on an issue, any issue? More and more we need the media to be up and running and doing its job properly. We need investigators with savvy. We need someone who can keep the bastards honest as the Democrats once claimed to be able to do.


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